7 Essential Winter Riding Accessories

They say the best athlete is made in the off-season. As fair-weather cyclists hang up their bibs for the winter there are the few elite that layer up and take to the roads no matter what the conditions. We've put together a list of 7 winter riding essentials that will make the off-season's grueling temperatures comfortable and safe for every rider.


Windfront Base Layers

Using a windfront base layer will keep your temperature regulated and your ride more enjoyable. It acts as a shield for winter wind while also keeping you warm. Layering for long rides will ensure comfort throughout the entire day.


Over/Under Gloves

Nothing is more miserable than frozen fingers. Gloves should offer breathability and protection from the elements and depending on the conditions one of our go-to gloves are the Over/Under. It can be used as a lightweight glove on its own or can be paired under a heavy glove for freezing temperatures. We love the utility of this piece!


Neck Gaiter

The Giordana gaiter is lightweight and an extremely versatile piece. Insulating the neck where a rider's major arteries and veins are, you can efficiently maintain core body temperature. It can easily be adjusted over the course of a long winter ride to cover you where you need it most.


Knitted Warmers

A great multi-season warmer, especially for areas where the winters are more temperate. They have a very wide range of operating temperatures, don’t bunch at joints, and are easily removed and stuffed into a jersey pocket.


Cover Your Ears

A very high percentage of body heat is lost through the ears and head so having accessories that cover those areas are critical in keeping you warm throughout the winter. The Balaclava and Ear Covers are perfect to help you regulate your temperature and are easily stashed in pockets when not needed.  


Shoe Covers

Rule number 1 of winter riding is covering your extremities. Covering up the ventilation holes in your shoes delays the point where your toes go numb, provides insulation and keeps your feet dry from any spray that may be flung up from riding through wet conditions (melted snow, rain, etc.). Even a simple pair of our Toesters does the basic job of covering any holes in your shoes and are simple to pop on and off.


Wool Socks

Having a pair of wool socks is vital for any cold weather activity...even if it's just watching holiday movies on the couch! Wool pulls moisture away from the body, quickly evaporating to leave you dry and warm. Makes riding, and TV watching, so much more comfortable.



View all of these items and more in the Men's and Women's Winter Accessories area on the site and happy winter riding!





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