A Giant Step Forward: The New FormaRed-Carbon Jersey

Cycling apparel has changed a lot and that has led to big changes in the new FormaRed-Carbon Jersey. Experimenting with new fabrics and construction techniques can pay a huge dividend to the final product and ultimately to the cyclist. The new FormaRed-Carbon Jersey has done exactly this. With all of its new fabrics and technical features it has eclipsed every previous generation to become the new benchmark in performance and comfort.


A Decade in the Making: The FormaRed-Carbon™ Evolution

Image: 2009 FR-C Jersey

The first generation of FormaRed-Carbon Jersey, introduced in 2005, started it all. It contoured perfectly to the body forming a second skin that made every movement feel natural and comfortable. The FR-C Collection evolved over the years with four new iterations from 2005 to 2014. The focus remained the same and was achieved through the use of innovative fabrics that were carefully selected to perform specific functions that enhanced performance, fit and comfort.

Sound familiar? Five generations of FR-C later the ideology hasn't changed, but the advancement and constant improvement of materials and also the advent of new patterns designed to follow the anatomic form of a cyclist while on the bike can always be improved.

The new FR-C Jersey is constructed of premium level materials and utilizes each strategically to create an extremely lightweight, breathable, and formfitting race-ready piece. Redesigning this jersey was no easy task, but by experimenting with new design ideas and using several new fabrics the newest FR-C Jersey is a giant step forward in its design and performance.


Technical Features and Highlights

Revolution™ Fabric

This revolutionary fabric is used on the shoulders, waist, and pockets. The highly breathable, lightweight and compressive Revolution™ fabric hugs the rider’s shoulders and biceps with a longer sleeve length for added support, sun protection and a more aerodynamic fit. The sleeves are finished with a laser cut arm cuff for a more comfortable and low profile finish. Revolution™ is also used for the pockets and in paneling that wraps from the back around the sides of the waist to the front zipper. The combination of this paneling and fabric creates a supportive and comfortable fit.

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Strategically Placed Fabrics

Like all FormaRed-Carbon garments, the jersey employs a body hugging fit. This facilitates a sleek aerodynamic profile and also allows the fabrics to do their jobs.

New Asteria 3.0™, used in the panels that wrap around from the front of the jersey to the back, is a lightweight microfiber blend. This continuous front to back paneling also makes a side panel-less design that creates a seamless feel against your skin and allows for a wider range of movement while riding. Soft and breathable, this newest version of Asteria™ is designed to block UV rays and quickly moves perspiration away from the rider's skin faster than ever before.

The most advanced design feature of the new FR-C Jersey is the use of Host Carbon™ fabric to create a supportive I-Panel at the back that wraps from the top of the shoulders, down the center of the back and around the waist to keep the jersey in place and support fully loaded pockets. The carbon threads in this fabric help shield the body from UV rays but their most important role is to control the vertical stretch at the back of the jersey allowing Host Carbon™ to improve the jersey's fit, tailoring, and performance.

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Ergonomic Collar

The new ergonomically sculpted collar has a lower front profile and rises around the sides with a relief at the back for protection and comfort when you're in the riding position. Made of soft Revolution™ fabric, the sculpted design also allows for unrestricted movement.

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CamLock™ Zipper

What's a CamLock™ Zipper? This handy feature is on almost every Giordana jersey. It allows you to easily pull your jersey open with just one hand when the zipper pull is flipped up in the unlocked position. If the zipper tab is down, it's locked. Watch. Learn. And let your jersey fly free.

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Performance and Comfort

Little Things That Make A Big Difference

The ten-year opus of the FormaRed-Carbon Collection has evolved with many small incremental changes over the years that have led to a giant step forward in design, performance, and comfort in this year’s model. The little things like the jersey's full length red CamLock zipper, longer sleeve length, ergonomic collar, and turnover feature on the pocket that keep objects from flying out along with the numerous technical fabrics and features have pushed the technical envelope while balancing comfort and understated style.


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