Camo and Sunflowers: New Giordana by Endurance Conspiracy Jerseys

Endurance Conspiracy continues to create new and exciting designs that are inspired by current events and popular styles in cycling. One of the newest additions to the Giordana by Endurance Conspiracy Collection draws from the King of Grand Tours, le Tour de France, and the other from the King of Rock n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley.


Taking Care of Business

The name given to the rhythm section of his band and also a personal motto adopted by Elvis during his comeback years, TCB, or "Taking Care of Business", is just as relevant to the rider striving to get in the daily loop as it is to the cyclist going all out to crush the competition.

The newest EC by Giordana design takes the TCB initials and incorporates them into an emblem with the signature lightning bolt on the front of the jersey. The original TCB logo was used in Elvis' custom jewelry including his famous TCB ring and necklace. Very Rock and Roll.

Endurance Conspiracy also added stripes across the chest and back, blue accents, and a bright camouflage pattern that would be right at home in Elvis' hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Just like going to work or getting the chores done at home, making time to go out and ride, or Taking Care of Business, is part of the daily grind.

It's business time!



Circuit of the Deadmen

The Tour de France was first organized in 1903 and is one of the most popular and prestigious events in cycling, but the 1910 Tour, only the 8th edition of the race, is considered one of the most grueling to this day.

The design, created by Tony DeBoom of Endurance Conspiracy, incorporates the brutality of the 1910 iteration of the Tour De France and his love for the Grateful Dead. This clever combination of music and cycling history is what Endurance Conspiracy is all about.


When we came across the story detailing the introduction of the high mountain peaks to the Tour de France, it immediately touched a nerve. Anytime we can combine two of our favorite subject matters - music and cycling - into a single project, we know we're onto something that will resonate with our people.


    -Tony DeBoom, Endurance Conspiracy


While the Tour de France included the Alps the next year, the 1910 Tour de France stands out as one of the most brutal races ever. Truly a “Circuit of the Deadmen”.


Read more about this infamous Tour here.





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