Dan's Pick: Fusion Bib Short

"The best bang for the buck. You really can’t beat the Fusion Bib Short.  Coming in at just a-hundred-and-twenty-bucks, these bibs fit and perform better than any bib from other brands at the price point and even at price points above. 

The Moxie material used on the panels does a great job of wicking moisture away from the body, and the LoPro 45 cuffs keep the leg bands securely where you want them, even on ape-ishly hairy legs like mine. Just goes to show you don’t always have to spend a million bucks to feel like a million bucks."

- Dan, Giordana Sales 


Maximum Value 

The Fusion Bib Short is constructed of a high quality time tested microfiber fabric. The garment includes a micromesh upper system, leg bands and a chamois that all focus on comfort and quality.

Like all garments in the Fusion collection, these bibs provide maximum value without sacrificing quality features and materials to keep any cyclist comfortable and protected in warm or hot weather riding. 


For more on the Giordana Fusion Bib Short click here.




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