Giordana by Endurance Conspiracy

The EC line is artistically driven by former professional athlete Tony DeBoom. Tony and his wife Eliza were looking to expand their artistic, fun, and amazingly soft T-Shirt line to cycling clothing. After meeting at the Giordana booth during the 2014 North American Handmade Bike Show to look at the clothing in person, the Giordana and Endurance Conspiracy partnership began.


Endurance Conspiracy - Purveyors of Fun

Endurance Conspiracy is an athlete owned and managed company inspired by and built around the outdoors and endurance sports culture. Endurance Conspiracy embraces the casual aspect of doing it just for the sake of doing it – climbing the hill just because it’s there, riding the wave whether anyone photographs the feat or not and pushing ourselves to the limit because we need to know what lies beyond.

Destined to Become Classics

Endurance Conspiracy draws from unique experiences in sports, modern culture and the common bond with those in love with the casual side of the outdoors and endurance lifestyle. We’re very excited for the unique aesthetic and unmistakable style Endurance Conspiracy has brought to the 2015 Giordana Collection.


Unlucky No. 013?

Every Endurance Conspiracy jersey is completed with the EC Cycling 013 label on the pocket. Cycling tradition in the U.S. dictates that if you are the 'unlucky' recipient of the race number 013 that you flip the number upside-down to ward off bad luck.

13 is actually a lucky number in many cultures though, including Italy, where 17 is considered unlucky. The number 4 is considered unlucky in East and Southeast Asia. You would be hard-pressed to find it in private or public life. What should you do if you get any of these unlucky/lucky numbers on race day? Pin it however you want, just keep going. It's part of racing.


Wicked Fast

Graphics inspired by Motorcycle Speedway posters of the 1970’s and the thrills and spills that went along with them. Time to Shake-n-bake!

Wicked Fast FR-C Jersey

At its base, the Wicked Fast FR-C Jersey is a true race piece and is just as fast as the design looks. The graphic of the rider and flag is an original EC concept done exclusively for this year's Giordana Collection. '1979' is incorporated on the back, the year Giordana was established, as well as the original Giordana Sagittarius logo.

Wicked Fast FR-C Bib Short

The design of the Wicked Fast Bib Short is based on the FR-C Trade collection. The understated design of these bibs, with the all black Lycra and red leg bands, allows them to be paired with any of the EC Jerseys. The selection of fabrics and the fit of the FR-C Bib Short create a comfortable piece that stays in place so well that once you put them on you won’t give them a second thought.


Alpe d’Huez Mountain Squadron

The World War II bomber jacket represents a time of danger, guts and style, the perfect inspiration for the Alpe d’Huez Mountain Squadron Jersey.

Alpe d’Huez Scatto Jersey

The design celebrates this era and those with a flair for reckless abandon as the roads slope up. The Scatto Jersey is the perfect blend of aerodynamic and technical fabrics for the Alpe d’Huez Jersey with a form fitting construction. A go for broke attitude is not enough...ya gotta smile while you roll the dice!


Bush League Cycling Club

The history of Bush League is rooted in baseball, referring to leagues considered inferior to the majors or mediocre at best.

Vero Jersey and Scatto Bib Short

The Bush League Cycling Club is for the every day rider who’s out there getting it done on the roads - dreaming of one day racing down the Champs-Élysées... but knowing they probably never will.

Two things that are not ‘bush league’? The amazingly comfortable Bush League Vero Jersey and major league Scatto Bib Short.


Kong Attacks!

What can we say? We love old monster films. And, when Kong attacked, it was decisive and violent - leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Kong Vero Jersey

Turn the pedals with anger in the Kong Vero Jersey. Featuring a relaxed fit and the utilitarian features of a CamLock Zipper and reflective strip on the rear pocket, the state of the art fabric is the highlight of the Vero Jersey. The Michron Ceramica combats UV rays and odor and manages moisture to keep the rider cool and dry.


EC Bomber

An Endurance Conspiracy classic graphic, the EC Bomber, on the back with a custom Giordana wordmark on the front.

Bomber Vero Jersey

The Bomber Vero Jersey design is one of EC’s most popular T-Shirts and makes for the perfect cycling jersey. Bombing descents, leaning into corners, and kicking up dirt. The ideal jersey to subtly represent your bad-assery.


One Bib Short to Rule Them All

The most versatile and possibly most important garment in any cyclist’s closet is a good pair of black bib shorts.

Endurance Conspiracy Vero Bib Short

The Endurance Conspiracy Vero Bib Short is a time-tested piece of cycling kit that will keep you comfortable and looking good for seasons to come. Constructed of Moxie™ fabric, the EC Vero Bib Short features the EC and Giordana logos on the wide, comfortable leg bands, mesh bib uppers, and a chamois that focuses on comfort and quality.


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