Giordana LASER Bib Short Video Review

Cycling industry insider Andy Clark takes an in-depth look at the Giordana LASER Compression Bib Short. Check out the video and blog review for all of the features and materials that make this bib short so special and how it will benefit you on the bike.

Quick history lesson: How did the Giordana LASER Collection get its name?

Answer: No, we didn't attach actual lasers to the shorts so you could burn out people's tires and beat them in a race. Good guess. The first generation of Laser Bib Shorts had laser cut holes in the thighs for added ventilation!


Compression and Comfort

Laser bib shorts are designed for compression while also keeping fit, comfort, and performance in mind. The heart and soul of the Laser Short is the Moovix™ fabric that is engineered for elasticity and support.

  • Moovix™ Compression Panels

Moovix™ has a unique honeycomb knit structure that enables equal stretch in all directions. Not just the two or four way stretch of standard spandex materials. Its high stretch and compression rate produces a micro-massaging effect on the skin that can increase blood flow to the muscles and delay fatigue.

Using this compression fabric naturally promotes blood flow to increase performance and decrease recovery time. The active compression benefits provided by Moovix™ give the shorts their defining fit and feel and can actually help delay the onset of muscle fatigue!

Who doesn't need a little help here, right? Oh, not you of course, but with less fatigue over longer rides than an average Lycra Short, the added compression is a great benefit for anyone. The Laser Bib Short and Short are perfect for 3+ hour training rides and any race.


Technical Features and Highlights

Breathability and comfort, as with all Giordana garments, are top priorities. The super comfortable Bib Uppers achieve this with a Kite™ mesh back panel and light, perforated MicroQuad™ bib straps. The Laser Bib Shorts are one of the longest running and best-known products in the Giordana line. The new enhanced comfort and performance benefits on this year’s version promises to continue the legacy. And truth be told, the Laser Bibs and Shorts benefit from some of the best features of the top-of-the-line EXO System and FormaRed-Carbon Collections while coming in at a lower price point!


Protection Where It's Needed Most

The Laser Bib Short's high-performance and comfortable ride is further ensured through the use of Giordana's top of the line Cirro O.F. Chamois. The thickness of this cloud soft insert varies with 14mm maximum in critical areas. The uppermost layer utilizes a special nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera and is the first and only chamois that utilizes the soothing properties that are permanently infused into the threads of the microfiber during the manufacturing process. The integrated Aloe cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle.


The Laser Bib Short is well suited for the cyclist who wants more than just comfort but also the ultimate in compression and performance.


Read the Review by OutdoorGearLab awarding the Laser Bib Short the highest overall score in their Hands-on Gear test.




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