Giordana Sport: Modern Performance and Classic Style

The Giordana Sport collection reaches back to the beginnings of the Giordana brand to bring back the spirit of the iconic pieces that started it all. Giordana Sport melds cutting-edge performance fabrics and supreme comfort with an eye to the past, creating the ultimate blend of function and style.


Founded by Cyclists, for Cyclists, Giordana Sport Since 1979

Giordana Sport is a unique synergy of classic styling and more than three decades of technical cycling experience. Giordana was created in 1979 in the U.S. and quickly started manufacturing wool cycling apparel, exclusively handmade in Italy, for some of the biggest American teams and events of the day.

The wool jerseys that were first produced were branded with a Giordana Sport tag. This garment label was sewn upside down on the underside of the hem around the waist. As the rider would go into a racing position, the hem would flip up due to the characteristics of the wool fabric, and show the now right-side-up Giordana Sport tag. In the early days, this was a subtle way to advertise the clothing brand as the rider raised their hands in victory over the finish line.


An Eye to the Past

Today, the Giordana Sport collection builds on the unparalleled Italian heritage and foundation that started back in 1979. Original details like the Giordana Sport tag, flocked logos, and even the original scripted font have all been brought back.

The Giordana Sport tag is still sewn on the underside of the jersey, as an homage to the original, while and embroidered or flocked '79 on the right sleeve adds another unique retro touch.

The flocked type of logo treatment, that was popular in the early 80’s, is also on the jersey and bib short and recalls the wool race wear that started it all.


The New Giordana Sport

New features enhance the classic style. The high-compression bib shorts, top of the line Cirro O.F. chamois, modern Giro-style jersey, and one of our lightest and most moisture wicking jersey fabrics all combine to create a unique synergy of modern performance and classic styling with more than three decades of cycling experience.

The Giordana Sport Bib Short

The Giordana Sport Bib Short features soft and secure printed leg bands and utilizes some of today’s most technically advanced performance fabrics. Made of an elite level high compression Lycra with an ultra fine thread structure, the Giordana Sport Bib Short is light, strong and comfortable.

Understated styling is combined with revolutionary ergonomic paneling that follows the shape of the muscles and moves with the body in motion. Genuine Italian craftsmanship is evident in the carefully chosen finishing details from the four needle flat-stitched seams, flocked and embroidered Giordana Sport logos, and accent colors inside the collar and pocket.

The Giordana Sport Bibs feature our most technically advanced Cirro O.F. chamois which incorporates a unique Aloe Vera infusion that cools, protects and heals in the saddle. Below this uppermost layer is an expanded memory foam with a waffled texture that aids in ventilation and perspiration management by moving moisture to the outside of the short where it can evaporate rapidly.


Italian Heritage is Our Foundation

The Giordana Sport Elite Jersey

The Giordana Sport Jersey is made of the finest Italian materials, selected especially for this collection. A sophisticated new performance material uses two different fiber constructions that work in tandem to speed moisture away from the body faster than ever.

The cut of the jersey is Giro-style, which translates to rounded sleeves (like a T-shirt), but is designed with an aggressive race fit to allow the cutting-edge performance fabrics to do their work in keeping you dry and comfortable.

The printed panels included themes like the Italian tri-color stripes, Giro-pink and white stripes with Giordana Sport signature, a full Maglia Rosa jersey with Italian stripes on the back, and the Champion Stripes design that combines the colors of many of the Grand Tours and World Championship.


The Little Things Make All the Difference

Giordana Sport Accessories

The Giordana Sport Collection is completed with a variety of accessories to match your kit and go along with every color and theme the jerseys and bibs represent.

Giordana Sport Cap

The Giordana Sport Cap comes in white and black with seven different trim colors that go from the center of the brim to the back of the caps. Equipped with a microfiber headband that is sewn into the edge of the inner lining, this provides an extra level of moisture management and antibacterial benefits as well.

Giordana Sport Socks

Giordana Sport Socks have that retro look with modern materials to keep you cool and dry. The technical wool blend socks can be worn nearly year around producing one of the widest temperature range abilities available.

Giordana Sport Gloves

The Giordana Sport Gloves are for those who prefer a simplistic fingerless glove with classic styling and a superb fit. A subdued black on black design with a touch of Italian tri-colore provides a minimalistic look that pairs well with any kit. Italian construction, materials and design give this glove with premium level performance and exceptional comfort.


Our singular goal: to create apparel that enhances the cycling experience

Giordana Sport embodies the essence of timeless, minimalist designs from another era. Technology has come a long way since then and this collection isn't simply a recycled idea. The Giordana Sport collection melds cutting-edge performance and supreme comfort with an eye to the past, creating the ultimate blend of function and style. With Giordana Sport, we remember the past and celebrate the present by presenting the best of both in this unmatched collection.


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