Looking Back at 24 Hours Of Booty

The weather for this year's 24 Hours of Booty Charlotte, NC  event was mild in comparison to previous hot and humid July event days but the crowd and the fundraising were as strong as ever. This year Chris Draft, a former Carolina Panthers player and health and fitness advocate, spoke at the powerful opening ceremony and shining brightly beside him was tiny Stella and her parents.


Stella has Retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer. With Stella at his side, Draft asked the audience to hold their arms up if they are currently fighting cancer, a survivor, or know someone affected by this disease. A sea of arms raised and the crowd began to cheer in solidarity and encouragement of each other and the success of once again raising more than $1 million in the fight against cancer.

Being a part of the Charlotte community where the 24 Hours of Booty event was founded has given us the opportunity to build relationships with the organization, the teams, and the individuals involved. It's through them that we have seen the impact this event has on the fight against cancer. To us and those with their hands raised, it's more than just a ride. Giordana Cycling Apparel is honored to have had the opportunity to outfit so many teams throughout the years. 

Thank you to everyone who participated this year and allowed us to be part of their ride!  



To learn more about 24 Hours of Booty and their upcoming events click here. To get more information about creating a Giordana Custom jersey for your next ride click here.




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