Maximize Your Comfort on Every Ride: A Guide to Giordana Base Layers

Base layers act as a formfitting second skin and are used in all temperature ranges to help cool your body or keep you warm. Whether it's a base layer for hot or cold weather, it is going to help your body regulate its temperature by rapidly pulling sweat away and keeping you dry. In hot weather, this allows your body to sweat more efficiently by speeding up the process of evaporation. In cold weather, a base layer is going to move sweat away from your body before you get cold. Giordana makes base layers for all conditions so we’ve created the below guide to help you find the perfect base for your ride. 


Super Lightweight (Short SleeveSleeveless, and Women's Specific Tank)

This super light base layer is designed to perform in conditions where your body is working at its max to cool itself. These pieces rapidly pull moisture away from the body to the outside layer of the garment where it then evaporates. Having this under your jersey will allow the body to continue its cooling process, allowing you to ride longer and more comfortably despite the heat. 

This layer is great for hot summer rides, races and extended climbing.

Midweight (Short Sleeve, Sleeveless, Long Sleeve and Women's Specific Sleeveless, Long Sleeve)

The midweight base layer offers the perfect base for spring, fall or wherever you might be experiencing the widest range of temperatures. With a tubular knit and thick density fabric, it’s the perfect piece for milder temperature days.

Ideal for rides when you know the temperature is going to vary.

Heavyweight Carbon (Long Sleeve)

This base layer is designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the chilliest of days. The HeavyWeight Carbon base quickly pulls sweat away from your body removing the moisture before it has a chance to chill you. This piece pairs great with a Giordana long sleeve jersey or jacket.

Great for long winter rides of brisk Cyclocross races.

WindFront (Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve)

Like the Over/Under base layer, Giordana’s WindFront base layer can be worn by itself or as a layer pending conditions or personal preference. This piece features a windproof front panel to protect your core from the elements, and the design of the garment quickly pulls moisture from your core and regulates body temperature as needed. Our WindFront layers are perfect for days where the wind chill makes conditions tough, or for climbing and long high speed descending in any season. These pieces can also help to minimize the number of layers you need on milder days with windy conditions.

DriRelease (Short Sleeve, Sleeveless, Long Sleeve)

Made in the USA from Dri-Release fabric, these base layers are a great value and dry 4 times faster than cotton. Offered in Short Sleeve, Sleeveless, and Long Sleeve, we offer a Dri-Release base layer for every season.




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