Motivation for Winter Riding

Days are still short, temperatures are dropping again across most of the world (except at the Tour of Qatar!) and finding the motivation to pedal becomes harder and harder. For those of us who commute year-round, these winter months can be the most difficult.

Even if you consider yourself a morning person, when the mercury starts to creep down into the mid 20's, even the most chipper AM individuals want to pull those cozy flannel sheets back over their heads for a few more zzz’s. I mean it’s not even light out!

So why do it? Are we crazy? Gluttons for punishment? We do it because no matter how cold, how rainy, how much we would rather sleep, if you can find the motivation to get out the door and on your bike, within minutes, you'll be glad you did.

Learning to appreciate the small things is the key. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s early. But looking over and seeing the sun breaking over the horizon is a great reward. Extending your stops at the gas station, not having to sit in traffic, getting exercise (and the added endorphins) and doing something you love make it all worth it. 


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