The All-New FormaRed-Carbon™ Bib Short

Let's face it, a good bib short is the cornerstone of a cycling apparel maker's lineup. Experimenting with new fabrics and construction techniques can pay a huge dividend to the final product and ultimately to the cyclist. The new FormaRed-Carbon™ Bib Short with all of its new fabrics and technical features has eclipsed every previous generation to become the new benchmark in performance and comfort.


A Decade in the Making: The FormaRed-Carbon™ Evolution

In 2005, a new Giordana collection was introduced that from its inception was meant to be the pinnacle of research and development, our most technical clothing to date. The revolutionary style of race ready clothing became the Body Clone™ Forma Collection. This type of second skin apparel, that professional riders demanded, was offered to recreational cyclists and marked a revolution within the Giordana brand. The development and success of the high-end Body Clone™ Forma Collection lead to the second generation of race ready clothing branded FormaRed™ in 2008. Just one year later, the third evolution was introduced as FormaRed-Carbon™.

In 2009, the high performance FormaRed-Carbon™ Collection offered a level of performance and comfort beyond anything else. The incorporation of new materials and production techniques in the clothing was headlined by an ultra lightweight, carbon laced fabric and high compression power Lycra. The introduction of carbon fabrics in certain panels made them stronger and lighter to cope with the stresses of professional cyclists and teams. The compressive fabric, utilized on the main panels of the short, offered increased performance and decreased recovery time to help delay the onset of muscle fatigue. All of this came together and continued to evolve through the generations. 


A Giant Leap Forward: The New FormaRed-Carbon™ Bib Short

The New FR-C™ Bib Short has advanced from its previous generations and epitomizes the level of performance a cycling enthusiast looks for. Ten years of constant upgrades and enhancements to the evolving FormaRed-Carbon Collection has lead to a quantum leap over past season's FR-C™ Bib Short in all the right places. Fit, function, and style all come together with a level of construction that really is the star of the show. The DNA of the FormaRed-Carbon™ Collection is everywhere but with so many incremental changes over the years, this newest model forgoes small changes for a giant leap forward.


Technical Features and Highlights

Improved Leg Band

A Short won't stay in place without a good leg band and the new 190 E™ Leg Band does this and so much more. Soft and low profile, this new material spreads a non-restrictive and slightly compressive fabric over the 7.5cm tall band with a light silicone application at the edge. The cloth-like fabric has a great range of expansion and maintains its grip to stay in place perfectly while you ride. Most importantly, it also fits a multitude of leg sizes without constricting or becoming too loose while providing all day comfort and stability.

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HC-50 Power Lycra™: All About the Compression

High compression, high performance, and ultimate comfort, our newest FR-C Short has it all. Looking back, the main advancement in materials for the first generation Body Clone™ Forma Collection was the super lightweight and compressive HC-44™ fabric. This Nylon/Lycra blend has a high thread count, 44 threads per square centimeter, and provides a substantial amount of compression compared to its weight ratio. Various iterations of HC-44™ have been used in the Forma™ and FormaRed-Carbon™ Collections over the years until this year when the new HC-50™ Power Lycra replaced it.

HC-50™ Power Lycra has an ultra high 50 threads per square centimeter and offers more compression to increase blood flow and help delay the onset of muscle fatigue. This ultra compact knit also translates into increased comfort and wicking capabilities and makes HC-50™ softer and than other Nylon/Lycra fabrics.

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Advanced Bib Upper System

The FormaRed-Carbon™ Bibs have a totally redesigned Bib Upper system. Soft 190 Mesh at the back is above all breathable but with zero lateral stretch and a finite amount of vertical stretch, this advanced system actually helps keep the Shorts and Chamois in place by preventing excess movement of the Uppers that could shift Chamois placement while riding hard.

The new LoPro 0™ Bib Straps at the front are hem-less for a perfectly flat fit against the chest and with their wider profile won't twist to become uncomfortable. The biggest advantage of the LoPro 0™ straps is their controlled stretch. A great solution for taller riders, this combination of stretch and stability helps limit the movement at the back of the uppers while also allowing more movement at the front when getting out of the saddle quickly to sprint.

Lightweight carbon infused Ametista™ fabric around the waist creates the Core Contour System™ that surrounds you for added stability. The carbon threads control the stretch while also keeping this area lighter and stronger to connect the Short to the Bib Uppers.

Watch the Advanced Bib Upper System Video Feature


The Cirro O.F.™ Chamois: All Day Comfort

What’s a great bib short without an equally great chamois? The Cirro O.F.™ Chamois is proprietary to Giordana and is meant to move with you while riding to offer the most comfort. The OmniForm™ technology utilizes High Frequency waves and low heat processes during fabrication. Both techniques avoid the high temperatures of other processes in shaping the channels and bonding the layers of the chamois that can create hard edges and lead to discomfort.

The Cirro’s uppermost microfiber layer is infused with Aloe Vera that is permanently incorporated into the fiber itself so the benefits will not lessen or wash out over time. The integrated Aloe also cools and defends against bacteria while the rider is in the saddle. A newly sculpted edge on the inner expanded memory foam eliminates any hard edges and increases comfort. The unique waffled texture of the uppermost layer aids in ventilation by moving moisture to the outside of the short where it can be evaporated quickly and the recessed channels create pressure relief even on even the longest rides.


A New Benchmark

The best test of any great bib short is when you're riding, you should forget about what you're wearing. It should simply disappear. No matter how many miles you've ridden, what the temperatures are or how you're feeling while you ride, your bib short shouldn't hold you back and the new Giordana FormaRed-Carbon Bib Short does everything it can to keep you going.


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