The Best Grand Tour: A Biased Opinion Continued

Welcome back to part two of our Giro d’Italia blog! Luckily for us over the first half of this year’s race the stages and racing have proven to be just as exciting as we promised in our first entry. We’ve seen beautiful scenery, dramatic finishes, and even a controversial wheel exchange. The best is yet to come as well.


As we enter the second half of the race there are only 17 seconds separating first and second place, and just another 38 back to third. This means the pending stages will be pivotal; as GC hopefuls launch their bids at achieving a place on the podium and in history. There are four decisive mountain stages remaining, and a long individual time trial this Saturday, which should really shake up the top ten. We're excited for the coming stages, and to share some more reasons why we believe the Giro is the best Grand Tour.


Outside Our Front Door

Mountain passes alone don’t encompass the entire beauty of the Giro. Over the first 12 stages this year we have also been treated to some flatter race profiles across our scenic rolling countrysides. Sprint specialists like Andre Greipal, and Ella Viviani (a favorite of ours) have already both claimed a stage for themselves. The experts are predicting 3 such sprint finishes remaining this year, which adds up to a few more dramatic and exciting crescendos to a day in the saddle for the peloton. Stage 13 is one of these remaining stages and just so happens to disembark from the city of Montecchio Maggiore, which is just around the corner from our new facility in the province of Vicenza.

We are proud to say we are in the final stages of opening a brand new manufacturing facility, where all of our jerseys, jackets, and shorts will be made moving forward.

This new endeavor will allow us a higher level of oversight, quality control, and possibility for innovation than ever before, and not to mention an amazing view of the peloton as it rolls through the streets today.


Our Neighbors to the East

Tomorrow’s stage is the brutal 59.2km individual time trial that will most likely splinter the field of GC contenders. It will be taking place just up the road from our new hometown in one of cycling’s most iconic cities, Treviso.

This is the birthplace of Pinarello Cicli, possibly our country’s most recognizable bicycle manufacturer. The start of the ITT will be directly outside the site of the original Pinarello factory inside the old city walls. The company is still helmed by the family of original founder Giovanni Pinarello, who has a unique history of his own with the Giro. His son Fausto leads the company today, and has worked hard to move the brand into the 21st century by creating some of the most technically advanced road and time trial bikes ever made.

A glance at the results earned aboard a Pinarello over recent years is a testament to the prowess of these beautiful bikes, and proof of a passing of the torch from his father who created frames of similar success during his stewardship of the company. 

Pinarello has been a long time friend of the Giordana family; our founder Giorgio has ridden Pinarellos all his life, and was born just a few kilometers away from Treviso. On many occasions Giordana has manufactured garments for the Pinarello series of Gran Fondo rides, as well as trade garments for our own line that garnered the iconic logos.

This year we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered on a comprehensive line of Pinarello clothing that will be available world wide.


Tifosi – The Fans

Cycling fans in Italy cheer for everyone and are known for their enthusiasm. There are often a few hometown heroes in the peloton, and Italian cycling fans realize more so than most the spectacle and exertion they are witnessing. Italian nationals saturate the Giro peloton, more so than French riders at Le Tour or Spanish riders at La Vuelta. The sport of cycling only comes second to soccer in Italy, and by a slim margin at that. Riding a bike is an endemic part of Italian culture purely from a transportation standpoint. The need for speed and a competitive spirit is engrained in Italian DNA, it’s a proven fact, look it up (don’t look it up). This results in a culture that has produced some of the most vaunted professional cyclist to ever race a bike; Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartalli and Francesco Moser just to name a few.

Keep an eye on the crowds at this year’s race, you’ll wish you had fans like that cheering you on the next time the roads get steep.  


National Pride

As Italians, we are proud of our home, and many of our countrymen share this feeling. It’s more than apparent at the Giro. The “tricolore” green white and red colors of the Italian flag are easily found being displayed in every town the peloton goes through, and waved by many of the Tifosi lining the summits of the mountain stages.

Many of the garments in our line display the Italian tricolore proudly. Some boldly, and some subtly, but every Giordana Jersey or Bib Short receives a “Made in Italy” tag on the inside without exception. We believe we have something special to offer in everything we do. 

The men and women that make our clothing come from a long heritage of premium garment making, and take pride in their work similar to the pride they take in their country. We invite you to experience a little bit of that pride over the next week by watching the Giro. We also invite you to try our clothing and experience some of the personal pride we put into our work every day. 

Finally, we'd like to say buona fortuna to the peloton on the remaining stages, and grazie mille for all the excitement and entertainment you've provided thus far.




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