The Giordana Trade Collection

Each season, Giordana's designers explore original graphics that celebrate style and color with a distinctive Italian flavor. Giordana Trade garments feature original kit designs with three distinct collection levels to accommodate every performance and fit preference. From the relaxed fit of the Vero Collection all the way to the professional level Trade FR-C clothing, you select your kit with the options and quality only Giordana Trade can provide.



Giordana Trade designs are fun, bright and vibrant because of the quality fabrics and printing. Even after years of riding and washing, these kits keep their brilliant colors. Lycra can be somewhat daunting so a fresh, cool Trade design can make you feel just that much more comfortable on the bike and looking good off it too. From the entry-level pieces all the way to the professional level, you select your kit with the designs and quality only Giordana Trade can provide.


Trade FR-C

The Trade FR-C Jerseys and Bib Shorts are constructed of premium level materials. Each fabric is strategically utilized to create an extremely lightweight, breathable and race ready piece and creates a kit that is so comfortable and stays in place so well, that once you put it on, you won’t give it a second thought.

Classic Style, High Visibility

Men's Forte Jerseys and Bib Shorts

Color blocking graphics and large horizontal panels have been utilized in professional racing apparel since the earliest days of the sport. The 'forte' of this kit's design is keeping that look of the classic banding on the upper chest and back. Instead of a solid color the panels are made from a grid of small rounded edge boxes with each box an exact footprint of the Giordana Sagittarius logo.


Maestro and Maestra Kits

As cyclists, seeing this sort of banded graphic layout in one form or another in the highest levels of the sport lends a sort of subconscious attraction to it.

It has become a flagship standard of kit design but the fun comes in taking these cues and making them new and interesting. The striped banding graphic on the Sagittarius logo within this classic paneling brings a new approach to the standard.


Totally Cool

Women's Totale Kit

The Giordana Sagittarius logo has so much character that it makes for a great starting base for any Trade design. Focusing on the point of the arrow, the Totale kit takes the motion of the Sagittarius pulling back its bow, rotates the logo and adds dynamic graphic elements.

Not all girls are into pink, but not all pinks are the same. A swap to a vibrant Gerber Daisy pink with a deep indigo and charcoal gray makes for a great color combination. Adding a small repeating pattern on the sleeves brings softness to the look without losing the sportiness of the design.


A Solid Foundation

Men and Women's FR-C Solid kits

With minimal branding and solid base colors, these kits let the clean lines and impeccable construction of the FormaRed-Carbon jersey and bib shorts speak for themselves.

The bibs forgo printing on the side panels and use dyed Lycra with an applied Giordana logo above the leg band.


Trade Scatto

The Trade Scatto Collection is the perfect blend of light, aerodynamic, and technical fabrics. This collection brings some of the fabrics and features used in the Trade FR-C clothing along with new materials and different paneling that brings a less aggressive but still race ready fit.

Viva Italia!

Giordana Squadra kits for Men and Women

The Italian colors are central to Giordana's heritage and are always a fun design element to work with. The green, white and red of the Tri-colore flag create a strong contrasting palette that is powerful and balanced. On the Squadra kit, the tri colors are arranged in a swallowtail banner shape. This simple shape is evocative of medieval coats of arms or battle banners and combines with black or white vertical racing lines that give the garment a sporty look.


Trade Vero

The Trade Vero Collection features a more relaxed fit with state of the art fabrics ideally suited for the printing process. This provides Giordana's designers and design partners with a high tech canvas on which they can create a wide range of graphics with impeccable detailing.

Style at Every Level

Men and Women's Tempo Jerseys

Finding the right balance (or tempo) of color and graphics is the central goal of the Tempo jersey. This clean and colorful design pairs well with any Giordana short or bib making the Tempo design a go to jersey addition to any cyclists wardrobe.


Men's Chevron Jersey

Horizontal banding has been commonplace in cycling jersey design as long as sponsors have wanted to put their names on team clothing. One of the best variations of this look is the chevron design. Three evenly spaced broad stripes turn at an angle and are arranged to point vertically on the upper chest and back.


Women's Café Jersey

The Café design plays off the striped graphics of current fashion trends but is not a full on striped jersey. Cool tones of grey and blue combine with white and pink to create blocks of colors around the chest and stripes along the waist and pocket. This combination creates a look that is athletic and stylish to keep you looking great on or off the bike, and of course, at your local Café.


New Season, New Giordana Trade Designs

Giordana Trade clothing celebrates the hallmarks of the Giordana brand. The iconic lettering and Sagittarius logo are often at the center of the designs but everything from the Italian colors, retro graphics, or some of cycling's most recognizable trends can become a Giordana Trade design.

This is what makes the Trade category of garments so much fun. Unique styles help you stand out from your local group, crit, or gran fondo ride while enjoying the comfort and performance you expect from a Giordana garment.


View the full Men and Women's Trade Collections with the links below -

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