A combination of smooth and textured materials create the aerodynamic EXO Short Sleeve Jersey. The second skin fit is achieved through the ergonomic design, stretch, and cut of the textured air-breaking fabric that spans from the arms to the lower back.


External Optimization System

Giordana EXO System™ garments mark the advent of an entirely new class of performance cycling apparel. The unique construction centers around the strategic placement of panels and fabrics to enhance muscle performance, reduce drag, and keep the lightest garments possible.



Aerodynamic Fabrics 

Shoulder and back panels of textured airflow-breaking fabric with smooth fast wicking front panels create an ergonomic and aerodynamic second skin fit that gives you speed. The smooth front panel conforms to the body allowing the jersey to stay in place and both fabrics, in addition to the breathable mesh used under the arms, maximize breathability to keep the body cool and dry.


Ergonomic Collar

The contoured collar further enforces the aerodynamic purpose of the jersey as it is contoured to be slightly lower in the front but higher at the back of the neck for sun protection. 


Lightweight Cargo Support

The three pockets are stable and stretch to accommodate items with excellent return to eliminate sag and bounce. They are set in place with thin elastic for comfort, and feature a backing of lightweight mesh and a wide band of reflectivity as well as a pocket lip for protection against the loss of small items.


CamLock Zipper

The Camlock zipper is maneuverable with one hand and locks in the down position.

  • Smooth and textured materials combine to increase aerodynamics and provide a second skin fit
  • Maximum breathability and moisture management enhanced with breathable mesh
  • Contoured and aerodynamic collar with back of the neck sun protection
  • Three rear pockets that stretch and return for stability plus a pocket lip
  • CamLock zipper
  • Wide reflective strip above the pockets enhances visibility

Men's Euro-Fit Tops


These charts are intended to be used only as a guideline. Each Giordana category is designed to fit differently to capitalize on specific fabric properties and features. Please refer to the introductory pages of each category for an overview on fit. Your size may vary based on personal preference.

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