The ultimate foul weather bib tight when the rain starts to fall and the wind starts to blow.


The Elements Don’t Stand a Chance

The redesigned bib tight of the highly touted G-Shield Collection receives updated fabrics and the new, environmentally friendly, Acqua Zero Eco™ water repellent treatment. Providing a full-length barrier to shield the rider’s legs from moisture, wind, and the cold, paired with the G-Shield jersey and arm warmers, you'll be comfortable no matter how much the temperature changes.


An Acqua Zero™ treatment bonds with the fibers of the Super Roubaix™ bib tight fabric on a nano level creating a combination that is ultra wind and water resistant and doesn't wash out over time. The soft inner pile of the Super Roubaix™ will keep you warm and dry. While the exterior treatment will keep moisture at bay, and will resist lycra's natural tendency of becoming saturated and heavy. These bib tights are ideally suited for cyclists who want to stay as warm and dry as possible when the roads get slick.


This new version of Acqua Zero provides more protection and it allows the G-Shield clothing to repel water with a very low absorption rate so the garments retain less water and therefore remain lighter than untreated fabrics. Even when soaked the G-Shield bib tights retain their breathability aiding in efficient core temperature management.


The contoured fit matches the rider’s body in the cycling position providing an aerodynamic, body-hugging fit suited for competition use in adverse conditions. The minimal panel construction of the G-Shield bib tight also reduces the number of seams where moisture can infiltrate.



Who's it for?

For the rider who trains in wet conditions or high precipitation climates with frequent intense interval efforts and wants to stay as warm and dry as possible when the roads get slick.




Tall reflective accents on the leg cuffs created via a revolutionary new refractive fabric, Pixel®, provides reflectivity without sacrificing the breathable qualities of the bib tight. The highly reflective Pixel™ material is added to all garments in the G-Shield Collection for high visibility in inclement weather and low light conditions.


Cirro S Chamois

The G-Shield Bib and Tight uses the OmniForm™ Cirro S Chamois featuring the Copa Mondiale, a recessed area sculpted at the top of the chamois for the male anatomy, allowing the user to be supported by a soft layer of microfiber.


  • 7.5 cm. Pixel™ reflective leg bands
  • 1on1™ single seam construction for enhanced fit and added water resistance
  • Low Pro 0™ ultra soft bib straps
  • Giordana’s top of the line Cirro S Chamois

  • Super Roubaix™ with AZ (Acqua Zero™ Eco) water repellent treatment
  • Ergonomically contoured panels form a comfortable race fit
  • Designed with the minimum possible number of panels so that there are fewer seams and less opportunity for moisture to infiltrate
  • Giordana’s top of the line Cirro S Chamois

Men's Bottoms

Waist (INCHES)
Waist (CM)

These charts are intended to be used only as a guideline. Each Giordana category is designed to fit differently to capitalize on specific fabric properties and features. Please refer to the introductory pages of each category for an overview on fit. Your size may vary based on personal preference.

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