Giordana x Knowlita NEW YORK OR NOWHERE® Vero Pro Men's Jersey

New York or Nowhere® 

The iconic graphic from Knowlita is now available across our range of cycling kit. From water bottles, jerseys, socks, and caps, don't forget to accessorize! 

The Vero Pro Short Sleeve Jersey features a relaxed fit and the utilitarian features of a CamLock Zipper, fine silicone interior waist gripper, and reflective strip on the rear pocket. The microfiber fabric, which has a unique dual interior and exterior construction, is a triple threat combating UV rays and odor as well as managing moisture to keep the rider cool and dry.

The simple turned arm cuffs and three rear cargo pockets are ideally suited for the sublimation printing process providing Giordana’s designers and design partners with a high tech canvas on which they can create a wide range of graphics with impeccable detailing.