Sun Sleeve

  • $50.00

UPF 50+ Summerweight Sun Protection

Cycling sleeves are an essential accessory to protect against sun damage.

Our new sun sleeves provide weightless protection at UPF 50+ that will last all day and actually have a cooling effect when you put them on! These fabric sleevs me  there's no need to apply and reapply sunscreen. The super soft sun sleeves will keep you protected all day long.

What is UPF?

Like the SPF of sunscreen ratings, UPF is the amount of UV rays that get through to reach your skin. A UPF 50+ rating means 97.5% of the sun's harmful rays are blocked from reaching the skin. 


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Cooling fabric
  • Light elastic gripper at top of the arm
  • Breathable and fast-wicking