• EXO Lycra Shoecover - Giordana Cycling
  • EXO Lycra Shoecover - Giordana Cycling

EXO Lycra Shoe Cover

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Giordana EXO System™ garments are the advent of an entirely new class of performance apparel. When you are investing in some of the highest tech gear in the market place you need to complete the kit with the stylish EXO booties.  Available in both black and white.


  • EXO Lycra Shoe Covers are created with only one seam along the bottom of your cycling shoe to hide it from the wind.
  • The top seam is eliminated in an effort to improve aerodynamics.
  • Zipper Closure
  • Cleat cutout
  • Sizing: Small (37-38),Medium (39-41),Large (42-44), XLarge (45-47)