The Partners Collection features original designs from individual artists and companies that celebrate their style with our Giordana garments. Partners is based off our Moda Collection and is comprised of multiple levels of kits to accommodate every style and fit preference.

Giordana is excited to present our newest partners in performance cycling apparel, Dario Pegoretti and Endurance Conspiracy.

Dario Pegoretti was among the first of the European frame builders to embrace lugless TIG welding to build premium bicycles. In addition, Dario worked with leading edge manufacturers in the development of new materials and tube sets. He earned a strong following among professional riders and built bikes for a number of elite teams. Recently Dario has moved to a new shop where in Verona where he builds a small number of fine bicycles, by hand, each year and creates beautiful paint schemes based off his love for bikes, art and music.


Endurance Conspiracy is an athlete owned and managed company inspired by and built around the outdoors and endurance sports culture. The EC philosophy focuses on an era before cycling, running, triathlon, surfing and whatever evolved into money grubbing juggernauts. Endurance Conspiracy embraces the casual aspect of doing it just for the sake of doing it – climbing the hill just because it’s there, riding the wave whether anyone photographs the feat or not and pushing ourselves to the limit because we need to know what lies beyond.

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