Giordana’s obsession with taking the best and making it better starts with Giorgio Andretta, an elite cyclist in the 1970s who ultimately became a cycling apparel specialist.

In 1971, Andretta formed Gita Sporting Goods, an importing and distribution company. Giorgio developed relationships with many local companies while racing, and after moving from Italy in his early 20s he became the first North American distributor for Grandis, Duegi, De Rosa, Diadora, Campagnolo, Pinarello, and many others, all with the singular goal of providing North American cyclists with high-quality Italian bicycle equipment.

As the 1970s drew to a close, Andretta’s success and expertise allowed him to launch Giordana Sport, his own cycling apparel brand, which he named after his newborn daughter. While the company designed apparel for the everyday rider, their clothing was worn by professional racers, too. In fact, over the years Giordana has sponsored athletes at all levels including WorldTour teams, an Olympic gold medalist, and has been the official clothing supplier of Le Tour de France. One of Andretta’s boldest moves came in 1986 when he opened a dedicated Giordana manufacturing facility in Italy. This pushed Giordana further to the forefront of the cycling apparel industry. Now, in full control of its destiny, the company embraced the new technologies available in the textile industry to become a leader in sublimation printing. Giordana was also at the vanguard of developing and testing new materials and cycling garments for the market and providing custom professional level clothing to local and regional clubs. The company’s penchant for combining Old World craftsmanship with modern fabric innovations continues today, and explains why each new clothing line, from Silverline™ to the FR-C Pro™ collection, has a sterling reputation among cyclists.

An avid cyclist to this day, Andretta is still the driving force behind product development. With a new facility in Italy, Giordana is creating even more synergies for all phases of production. This has contributed to streamlining the manufacturing process even further to create the best cycling apparel on the market. Giordana’s dedicated teams in Charlotte, NC, and in Vicenza, Italy, consist of adventurous and unique individuals who share a passion for the outdoors, quality products, and a little friendly/fierce competition. Ultimately, every Giordana employee is focused on what matters most: delivering cycling apparel that works in perfect concert with the human body, giving riders the ability to perform at their highest possible level.