The Process

1. Ideation

This is the stage where we find out more about you and what you are looking for. We have a wide range of garments, materials, and fits for every type of riding so there are options for everyone.

In this phase, you will work with your account manager to learn more about our product offerings and choose your garments. We offer a variety of different styles that allow you to choose the best fit.

2. Design

Our professional designers will bring your vision to life. They take into account all of your ideas and will create artwork that is fully customized and unique to your group. In many cases, you can even select the color of your zipper, trims, and stitching. With thousands of hours of experience, our artists understand the intricacies of the design process and how graphics translate to our proprietary patterns. We will optimize your design for best results.

3. Build Your Order

While the design process is happening, you will work with our in-house custom team to build your order, with an option to utilize our Giordana Kit Builder platform. GKB is an easy and convenient way to collect orders from your teammates or customers near and far. Low minimums make it easy for any size group! Once the order is built, it is sent off to our factory in the Veneto region of Italy for production.

“Here you have people
that have done this all of their life. They know what they are doing. They care about what they are doing and they care about the product they put out.
That’s what makes this place so special.”

- Giorgio Andretta, Founder & CEO

4. Production

Cut, print, and sew. All inside our Italian facility. Each garment is handmade to order with the utmost care and attention to detail. Typical production time runs approximately 8 weeks. Many of our most popular items can be produced in as few as four weeks, plus transit

5. Quality Control + Shipping

Once the product arrives to our distribution center, each item is re-inspected, to insure it is up to our standards and reflects the design that you approved. Now your kits are ready for delivery.

6. Enjoy the Ride

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