AV 200 Short Sleeve Jacket

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Lightweight, fully windproof, and a high degree of stretch in a short sleeve jacket for those milder winter days in the saddle.

The All-Round Winter Short Sleeve Jacket

The AV 200 Short Sleeve Jacket is a mid-weight model and provides heat retention and moisture management plus a fully windproof and water resistant outer shell for milder winter conditions. The AV 200 can be used in a wide range of temperatures by using arm warmers or through layering and, as with all Aqua+Vento jackets, its performance is dependent on your intensity level.

The AV 200 Short Sleeve Jacket includes many of the same signature features of all Acqua+Vento jackets. An eVent DVStretch™ windproof shell, high collar, long tail, and lots of reflectivity. It differs from the AV 200 Long Sleeve Jacket in that it is a full membrane garment with a lighter weight version of DVStretch™ used throughout.

Breathable Membrane

The outer layer of Event® DVStretch™ is a triple layer fabric with a breathable windproof water resistant membrane sandwiched between the DWR treated face fabric and a printed fleece lining. The result is an impermeable barrier against the elements. The membrane’s breathability allows moisture vapor to escape instantly facilitating Core Temperature management by preventing overheating. The AV 200 Short Sleeve Jacket has great elasticity to ensure a perfect, non-constricting performance fit.

Heat Retention

The element blocking membrane of the AV 200 Jacket helps maintain an optimal Core Temperature during rides in more moderate climates with inclement weather.

DWR Treatment

The front outer surface of the chest and sleeves receive a DWR treatment which adds an extra layer of water resistance to the garment. The treatment creates additional surface tension, suspending water beads to the outer fringe of the garment where they can roll off before having the opportunity to penetrate the fabric.


Reflective accents created via a revolutionary new refractive fabric, Pixel®, provide reflectivity without sacrificing the breathability qualities of the fabric.

  • Tall ergo collar forms to the neck for protection
  • 3 cargo pockets and zippered side pocket
  • Soft fabric cuff with elasticity
  • Long reflective ducktail protects rider’s backside
  • Hi-vis reflective logos and Pixel® reflective accents for visibility

Made in Italy.