Giordana x Knowlita New York Smiley Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

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A retro spin on a Knowlita classic :)

Giordana x Knowlita brings the NY Smiley AND New York or Nowhere® graphics along for your next ride in the comfy Merino Wool blend long sleeve jersey.


The Fabric
The entire jersey is constructed of a merino wool and polyester blend fabric which is soft, breathable, and keeps you cool or warm depending on the temperature. This is the magic of natural wool fibers. This jersey is designed to have a more casual relaxed fit utilizing minimalistic paneling that hearkens back to the days of wool jerseys and steel frames. The fabric also provides UV protection and antibacterial properties.

The Details
NY Smiley print on the back with the New York or Nowhere® graphic on the sleeve. Zippered pullover design, three rear pockets, light elastic at the hem and light elastic cuffs.