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Fit Comparison Guide by Collection

Giordana pieces are designed to fit consistently across all collections, meaning someone who wears a size medium in FR-C will wear a size medium in Fusion. That said, each collection has specific properties that cater to various types of riding and conditions. As a general guideline, the more technical the garment, the closer to the body the cut will be designed to allow the fabric properties to do their work in enhancing comfort and performance.

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NX-G | The Next Generation

NX-G is the next generation in cycling apparel and includes our most innovative and lux pieces ever– the ultimate in aerodynamics, comfort, and performance. Fabrics are placed strategically in panels that work together to provide stretch, tension, protection, and ventilation in precisely the right locations. The highest level technologies are incorporated into ultra refined weaves and compact construction. These pieces are race cut, designed to fit close to the body like a second skin to deliver all the built-in benefits.

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FR-C PRO | Race-Ready

FR-C Pro pieces have been developed and perfected over decades. This is the collection tested and proven by the pros. Our WorldTour teams are riding in these pieces now and you can experience the same level of comfort and performance they enjoy. FR-C Pro cut is race-ready, designed to fit close and contour perfectly to the body like a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable.

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TENAX PRO | Engineered Performance + Comfort

Optimized for performance and ideal for training and touring. The Tenax jersey offers a slightly more relaxed fit in the body, which is paired with elastic sleeves for an aerodynamic fit across the shoulders and an ultra-sleek silhouette.

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VERO PRO | Classic Performance

The Vero Pro collection puts performance features first, but with a more traditional cycling apparel fit than the race-ready FR-C Pro. Key elements of comfort and quality are paramount in these pieces that combine the essentials of elite kits with a more relaxed and classic silhouette that's appropriate for a wide range of riding, from casual to intense training.

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SILVERLINE | Everyday Essentials

Silverline is the workhorse collection offering an exceptional value that’s rich in features. These pieces inherit the technical advancements of the super elite collections and deliver those benefits in a streamlined form to maximize value. Optimized to meet the technical demands of cyclists of all ability levels while accommodating the widest variety of riders, the Silverline pieces are cut to fit slightly less aggressively than the race-ready fit of FR-C Pro and NX-G, and are constructed in fabrics that provide all the necessary performance properties with a slightly more forgiving feel.

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LUNGO | Go Long and Keep Going

For the refined rider who wants everything Giordana’s technology has to offer in a slightly less aggressive fit. Whether the goal is an easy coffee ride, a bucket list gran fondo, or a cycling tour through Chianti, the Lungo Collection is designed for epic long hauls with room for extra cargo.

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FUSION | Relaxed and Straightforward

Everyone deserves authentic made-in-Italy cycling apparel, and Fusion makes it accessible. As an intro to the Giordana brand, the collection is defined by a relaxed fit and straightforward style that will provide value and performance for years to come. 

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