Drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of hot rods, low riders, and iconic American car culture, the new Beyond Gravel Tiger and Flames Collection embodies the spirit of this automotive art form. This new kit features bold flame motifs and striking tiger prints, elements that pay homage to the intricate designs of LA's classic cars. Los Angeles, a city synonymous with this culture, has been a significant influence, especially the weekends at Elysian Park where these cars meet and enthusiasts gather to celebrate their passion.

The flames, in particular, symbolize more than just speed and power. They embody the spirit of racing, reminiscent of vintage cowboy shirts and the fire of competition. These elements not only capture the adrenaline rush of both cycling and driving but also signify a fierce individuality and a burning desire to stand out from the crowd.

"Although I didn’t grow up in LA, my love for the city and its rich car culture has profoundly inspired this collection. Elysian Park, with its weekend gatherings of stunning automobiles, served as the perfect backdrop for the video shoot, encapsulating the essence of this culture." — Capsule Designer, Cesar Villalba

Every piece in this collection is a tribute to LA’s car scene, from the sunset boulevard cruises to the car shows where enthusiasts showcase their rolling masterpieces. Just as hot rods and low riders are customized to reflect personal style, this collection allows cyclists to express their unique personality and passion on the road.

By blending these automotive influences with the world of cycling, these new kits stand out while offering the functionality and flair of the Beyond Gravel Collection.

This fusion of two dynamic cultures brings a new energy to cycling apparel, making each ride not just a journey, but a statement. The Tiger and Flames collection is about breaking away from the ordinary and making a bold statement, much like the cars and culture that inspired it.