What the Pros Say

  • "My favorite Giordana piece is the light summer short-sleeve jersey. This is the best choice for hot summer days. This jersey is really light and allows your body to breath easily, even in the warmest weather. I feel super comfortable in it. I always feel the quality of the products and that they are 100% handmade. Very good cycling clothes– in my opinion, ideal for us, professional riders."
    - Davide Martinelli, ASTANA PRO TEAM
  • "The thing I like most about Giordana clothing is that it sits perfectly on me– it's very comfortable. The clothes are super high quality and at the same time, very durable. I was introduced to Giordana when I was riding for Under 23 team Lizarte and it was a very good experience for me. I took some important results, some good victories for me and I hope that when we all get back to racing again, I will have a chance to win again in a Giordana jersey, this time for Astana Pro Team!"
    - Oscar Rodriguez, ASTANA PRO TEAM
  • "It is my first year at Astana Pro Team wearing Giordana race clothing and I have to say I really love the fabric of the shorts and also the summer jersey. It feels super soft on the skin. I'm ready to perform in this kit."
    - Fabio Felline, ASTANA PRO TEAM
  • "I really love our bib shorts from Giordana. They fit perfectly, especially for the longer rides. The Giordana kit was part of my success when I won the Tour de France stage. I can only say that I really like all of their clothing."
    - Omar Fraile, ASTANA PRO TEAM
  • "The bib shorts are what I use most– of course while riding my bike, but also when I do core or any other workouts. But I also like all the different rain jackets we have, I always bring one in my pocket! Especially during the lockdown while I have been at home in Denmark, the rain jackets were much needed. The weather wasn’t that good and the rain jackets kept me warm. I am really happy with our clothing partner, every item is perfect for our tons of hours on the bike."
    - Jonas Gregaard, ASTANA PRO TEAM
  • "Because of the many hours we are on the bike, especially our shorts have to be high quality. The thing I really like about our bib shorts is that inside the short, the chamois, is very wide so it is comfortable. Also the stitches on the side are so thin that I never have any irritation. For me it is the best quality. The elastic cuff fits perfectly on your leg. The entire shorts are very elastic, working with your body. Same for the jersey, you have protection but it is also breathes. On the back, the materials are breathable when you are sweating it. I really want to say thanks to Giordana for working with us, the company always asks us for feedback to include in production. I am very thankful to wear Giordana clothing."
    - Laurens de Vreese, PRO TEAM ASTANA
  • "My most used pieces of Giordana apparel are the base layers. We have so many choices, for summer and for winter. And they are so comfortable to wear, for training but also for casual. Next to that, as an Italian rider, I'm proud that these products come from my home country."
    - Davide Martinelli, ASTANA PRO TEAM

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Go behind the scenes to see the manufacturing process in our purpose-built Italian facility.


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