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Made in Italy Makes the Difference

Go behind the scenes to see the manufacturing process in our purpose-built Italian facility.


Our Vision

To enhance the cycling experience of every rider in the world.


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Yoga | Love | Cycling

We know the power of fitness and how it can shape one's life. How the love of the outdoors can calm our mind and open our soul. We also know how fashion can be a unique form of expression for one's creativity. From the streets of Milan to the metropolis of New York City, Eleonora talks about how fashion, yoga, cycling, and her true love all intersected into a wonderful life journey.

The Ability Experience

Here at Giordana, we believe in enhancing the lives of our global community through cycling-centric initiatives. That's why we sat down with Chael Williams, and...

Racing with Colin Strickland

Who says an Environmental Consultant can't change careers and become a professional bike racer? For athlete Colin Strickland there was no going back. His dream for Intelligentsia Racing...