Giordana delivers technically advanced products that offer superior value, comfort, and performance. Each garment we create represents the culmination of countless hours of research, development, design, and refinement. We select materials that will maximize performance and deliver an incredible value. Here are some ways you can ensure you get the most out of your new gear.


Turn your garments inside out and machine wash in a cold water cycle using a regular detergent.


We recommend hanging or laying garments flat to dry.

Product Care Tips

Following these best practices will help maximize your garments performance and lifespan.

Bibs + Shorts with Chamois:
Do not use chamois cream. Giordana chamois are designed with a special microfiber surface that will not work when cream is applied.


Jerseys, Jackets + Vests:
Zip up all zippers and turn the garment inside out. Loose zippers can damage other fabrics during the wash cycle.


Turn socks inside out to help keep any knitted designs from fraying towards the outside of the sock.

Secure any hook and loop fasteners to ensure no hooks are able to catch on other garments during wash cycle.


Turn cap inside out. Tuck visor into cap and continue to roll the visor into the shape of a banana, with the inside of the cap as the exposed fabric. This will help protect the visor from being bent during the wash cycle.

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