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  • Fusion Short

Fusion Short

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Comfort and quality through the use of time tested microfiber fabric give the Fusion short maximum value. The front rear and side panels all provide muscle compression while wicking moisture to keep the body cool and dry.

Value and Comfort

The Fusion Short is constructed of a high quality time tested microfiber fabric with focus on comfort and quality, to provide maximum value.

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Used on the front, rear, and side panels, the microfiber fabric helps move moisture off the skin more rapidly and supports the muscles with compression. 

Waist Band, Leg Bands, and Reflective Accents

LoPro 45™: wide soft elastic leg bands with subtle logo treatment and silicone gripper on the inside paired with the gentle elastic waist band provide support and finished with reflective accents on both legs.


The Cirro features aloe vera infusion at the nano level and a four-layer construction including a hydrophobic foam layer that repels moisture.


Made in Italy.