NX-G Bib Short

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The Next Generation in Giordana Cycling Apparel

Gradual compression, micro massaging, and the secure, comfortable fit of the NX-G Bib Short is achieved through the revolutionary 1on1™ Paneling System and proprietary graduated compression fabric. Consider it your new super domestique.


The NX-G Bib Short features the new 1on1™ Paneling System, only one piece of fabric per leg, and a proprietary graduated compression material that provides progressive gradual compression for each section of the leg and gluts in an ergonomic and comfortable fit. This unique construction method also eliminates unnecessary seams.

The longer leg length combined with the compression inherent to the fabric also eliminates the need for leg bands.

The perforated bib straps keep you cool and dry with two levels of stretch to fit perfectly while riding or standing and help keep the short and new Cirro S chamois in place while riding.



1on1™ Paneling System

The ergonomic and comfortable fit comes from the new 1on1™ Paneling System. Using one single piece of fabric, per leg, with a sole seam at the outside of the leg for maximum compression and aerodynamics, this unique construction method eliminates unnecessary seams.

Gradual Compression

Gradual compression from one single panel of material is the key element in creating the new and visible through specifically woven tone on tone banding of the fabric providing gradual compression for each section of the leg and gluts. This unique and proprietary fabric massages the skin for better blood circulation, and eliminates the need for additional panels or leg bands, as the compression keeps the short in place from the waist to knee.

Core System 

The ergonomic fit continues through the double woven v-shaped core system and u-shaped back panel system. The core systems are designed to accommodate the male anatomy in a way that eliminates the need for adjustments, working in conjunction with the new Cirro S chamois to give the perfect fit. The double woven fabric provides excellent breathability and moisture management and allows the short to fit comfortably in the riding position while keeping the chamois and short stable during long and labored efforts. 

Perforated Bib Straps

The minimalistic bib straps are constructed of a small amount of elastic combined with poly microfiber. Perforations enhance breathability, keeping the body cool and dry. The unique design of the straps keeps the short and chamois stable and in place through the fused rear straps. Each strap system is woven specifically for one pair of shorts, eliminating the need for seams and stitching. The straps create further stability and comfort as they stretch more from the top of the short to the shoulders and less from the back of the shoulders to the rear panel.

Cirro S Chamois

Specifically designed for Giordana's new top-of-the-line bibs and shorts, the pairing of these two new technologies brings you bibs and shorts that stay in place and require no adjustment while in the saddle. The Cirro S features aloe vera infusion at the nano level, a four-layer construction including a hydrophobic foam layer that repels moisture, and the Copa Mondiale, a recessed area sculpted for the male anatomy located at the top of the chamois, allowing you to rest gently and be supported by a soft layer of microfiber..


Tech Specs:

  • Gradual compression targeted to specific muscle groups

  • Micro massaging properties

  • 1on1™ Paneling System - one seam per leg technology

  • Longer leg length for maximized compression

  • Ergonomic fit

  • Breathable core and back panels with stability enhancement

  • Dual stretch, perforated bib straps

  • Reflective striping at the back of both legs

  • Cirro S chamois


Made in Italy.

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Paolo F.
un capolavoro

Dopo 147km e 2000 m di dislivello e 6 ore di bici posso dirti che il pantaloncino che mi hai dato è eccezionale più lo porti e meno lo sentì non è mai bagnato... Oh hai creato un capolavoro!

Scott R.
Simply the best!

After committing to wearing only GIORDANA four years ago and thinking how could it get any better, well, they've done it with the NX-G Bibs shorts! I’ve done a lot of super long days in the saddle and the chamois made all those rides a real pleasure. The kit is so comfortable and with the gradual compression I just feel like I’m stronger when I wear them. I know they are a little bit on the expensive side but listen, when you put them on you’ll understand. ✌️‍♂️


Wow! I've slapped on these amazing bibs on several 100km rides this year. Super great material, primo chamois for a happy bum, and dangly bits are kept nestled in place without feeling like they're in a squeeze box. That 1on1 paneling and gradual compression (no fat leg gripper!)... I'm in heaven! I own several Giordana bib styles and these are the best of the bunch. I'd love to wear the NEX-G bibs exclusively, but ya know... money. Also, I would love to see a shorter leg length option (but that may muck up the gradual compression?), and some fun color ways/designs.

Giordana Cycling

Thank you for your review, Michael! We're so glad you're enjoying your NX-G Bib Short. Great news! We have developed an NX-G Bib with a -5cm inseam, which maintains the gradual compression you have come to expect from this model. Coming late fall 2019.

Marco C.
NX-G Bib Short

Light, sheer, comfortable. Best bib shorts I've ever had - just added a second pair to my cart.

Al N.
Disappearing Bibs

These bibs simply disappear once you are on the bike and riding. Simply the best bibs I have ever worn. I feel like discarding all my other bibs and purchasing more of the NX-G.